Sport & Deep Tissue Massage

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from Sport or Deep Tissue Massage.

If you take part in regular physical activity or experience regular aches and pains, muscle tension, stress, headaches, you will benefit from sports or deep tissue massage.

Whether you take part in physical activity professionally, competitively or as a hobby you will benefit from Sports Massage. Regular sports massage may enhance performance, aid recovery and help in the prevention of injury brought about by muscle imbalances caused by repetition and trauma from strenuous physical activity.

You may simply benefit from a deep tissue massage if you suffer from work or posture related aches and pains, headaches, muscle tension or stress. Deep tissue massage works deeply with the muscles and surrounding fascia (connective tissue) helping to relieve chronic muscle tension, reduce pain and improve movement and posture.

Some of the many reported benefits of regular sports & deep tissue massage include:-

· Breakdown of scar tissue

· Reduce muscle aches and pains

· Improve muscle flexibility and joint mobility

· Reduce stress

· Better sleep

· Injury prevention

· Aids recovery

· Improve sporting performance

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